Meat value

When pork is mentioned, many people envisage bacon, dripping with fat. In reality, it’s not the case: pork cuts vary greatly in fat and nutritional value. Pork ribs are really quite fatty, but pork tenderloin contains only 6% fat, have you known this?

On average, 100g contains:

                                        Pork         Broiler chicken
Calories 217         206 
Fat 16,7 g 14,6 g
Proteins 17,0 g 19 g
Magnesium 21 mg 7,6 mg
Ferrum 1,1 mg 0,9 mg
Zinc 2,8 mg 1,3 mg

Chicken is thought to be low-fat meat, but having a look at the aforementioned averaged values it becomes obvious that pork and chicken are fat compared. Among pork advantages are its higher contents of proteins, Zinc and Magnesium.