How much meat is eaten in different countries of the world?

The 177 countries have been assessed to find out how much beef, pork, chicken, lamb and other meat is consumed by the average person per year. Ranking is done in respect to total amount of meat consumed. Luxembourg, a tiny country with the population of about half a million people, sits at the top of the table. An average Luxembourger consumes 136,5 kg of meat per year, including 45,5 kg of pork, 43,8 kg of beef and 39,8 kg of chicken, 5,8 kg of other meat. The US consumes the second-most meat per capita, the average American eats about 10 kilos less than Luxembourger. The American consumes 125,4 kg of meat products each year, giving preference to chicken (50,1 kg). The last one in the top three is Australia (121,2 kg), where beef is mostly appreciated (43,5 kg).

Belarus takes the 43rd place in the list of meat-consuming countries, an average Belarusian consumes 72,2 kg of meat per year, mostly pork – 32,2 kg (beef – 21,9; chicken – 17,8 kg). Russia is on the 56th position, 60,3 kg of meat is consumed here per person per year, including 22,1 kg of chicken, 18 kg of pork and 17,6 kg of beef.

Argentinians are the first in beef consumption (55,1 kg). Austrians are the keenest pig-eaters, wolfing down 66kg every year – just more than in New Zealand (60,9 kg) and even Germany (55,6 kg).

The absolute leader of chicken consumption is Israel – 67,9 kg, but in Israel only 2,6 kg of pork is consumed.

Lamb is the least popular meat in the world. People give preference to this meat only in such countries as Mongolia, where 40,7 kg of lamb is consumed per person per year (people there don’t eat pork and chicken), Iceland, where 24,7 kg of lamb is consumed, New Zealand – 23,1 kg, Turkmenistan – 19,5 kg.

India consumes the least amount of meat, only 3,2 kg per person per year. Meat dishes aren’t popular in Bangladesh (4 kg) and Democratic Republic of Congo (4,7 kg).

It should be noted that global meat consumption has increased due to population growth. Moreover, not everyone is ready to change his/her taste preferences. Figures obtained 50 years ago claim that at that time the world consumed 70 million tons per year, while by 2007 it had risen to 268 million tons. Tastes have changed at the same time. Cow (beef and veal) was top of the menu 50 years ago, accounting for 40% of meat consumption, but by today its share has fallen to 23%. Meanwhile chicken consumption has increased from 12% to 31% of the global total.