How to cook meat properly?

There are many ways of cooking meat, let us consider the major ones.

Remember that meats should be salted at the end of cooking, because salt draws out moisture from the meat and makes it tasteless!



Don’t pop meat straight from the fridge into the frying pan. The meat should be allowed to rest at room temperature for a while before heat treatment to avoid a big change in temperature when it is placed in the pan, and to make the roast brown well.

Choose a quality-cut of meat (sirloin, fillet) to achieve a perfect steak. Cut the meat into slices, cook a piece of steak for 3 minutes on one side, for 2 minutes on the other. The meat should be cut against the fibre. It is reasonable to make cuts on the meat and season it with spices, for example, pepper, garlic or whatever you like. Heat the frying pan, add a splash of oil directly to the pan, add the steak. To test whether your steak is done, make a small cut and take care that free-flowing juice be transparent. Timing is essential, try not to miss the moment!

It’s very important to consider the size and weight of your steak before calculating the cooking time. The thicker a piece of meat is, the longer it is cooked and the lower the temperature should be (except for blue, rare, medium-rare steaks). Thick piece of meat cooked at high temperature is cooked unevenly: the outside is overdone, the inside is rare or raw. Thin piece of meat is to be cooked at high temperature.



Plunge meat into the boiling water to make a coating to keep juices inside and prevent meat from turning tough and tasteless. Cook it for at least one hour. Fоr beef tea or good broth put meat into cold water and cook it for at least two hours. Then turn the heat down and cover the pot with its lid and let it stay for 20 minutes. The saucepan used for cooking must be large enough to keep meat covered with water.


Cooking meat in the backing bag and metal paper

    When a piece of meat is backed, no salt is added. Minced meat is salted, seasoned with spices in accordance with the recipe, and coated with flour, which will absorb some salt. Poultry should be dry-spiced (not seasoned with raw herbs) and just a tiny amount of salt is added.


    When cooked on the open fire, it is advisable to oil the meat. Meat croquettes is advisable to coat with flour.


   To make batter lighter and crisp add some mineral water.

Follow the advice and enjoy a tasty meat meal!