Beef cuts

Meat cut is a portion of beef carcass cut in accordance with an accepted carcass cutting scheme. Here you can find any parts of beef carcass you need in the required quantity and buy them online.

The most popular beef products we offer for sale include:

  • Beef tenderloin is the best and most valuable part of beef carcass, located in the back hypochondrium. It is perfect for quick frying and grilling; the tenderloin is most commonly used for steaks. Due to its delicate taste and tender texture, it goes well with sauces. Here you will find the best beef tenderloin at a great price.
  • Steaks. Not every part of beef is suitable for a steak; the best parts of the carcass are chosen for this dish. Moreover, depending on which part of the carcass the meat is taken from, a certain steak is prepared. On our website, you can order the finest steaks online.

In total, there are about 100 different types, but the most popular are the following:

  • Ribeye or marbled steak. For its preparation, a piece of meat is used, which is cut from the subscapular part of the carcass and has a large number of fatty veins, thanks to which it looks like marble. Check out our shop to buy the finest beef online and remember that the more numerous are these fat layers in the meat and the thinner they are, the better.
  • "T-bone". The steak is called so because of the bone, which resembles the letter "T". The workpiece itself is a juicy piece of meat on a T-shaped bone, which is cut at the border of the lumbar and dorsal parts of the carcass, in the area of ​​convergence of the thin edges of the longest muscle and tenderloin. As a rule, the carcass is cut in such a way that the meat remains on the bone, and such steaks are sold in stores ready-made or you can check out catalogue to buy them online.
  • Filet Mignon. For this steak, choose the middle (most tender) part of the tenderloin. It is cut in the form of a "stump", all veins and veins are cleaned, and then slightly beaten off, giving the shape of a steak to the meat piece.

For such a gourmet dish as steak, it’s highly important to make sure you choose fresh high-quality meat, especially if you like it blue, rare, or medium rare.

Many people are afraid to order meat products online. It is believed that only by directly seeing the product can you choose a good, and most importantly, most fresh meat. However, we value our reputation very much and guarantee that by buying from us online, you will receive excellent fresh meat of the highest quality.

We care about the quality of our products throughout the entire production cycle, from raising livestock to the moment when the product is packaged. This allows us to make sure that our products are halal and ensure their high quality, build trust to the brand, and delight our customers with fresh, healthy and tasty meat products they can buy from us online anytime.