About Company

The main guidance of the activities of JSC "Brest Meat Packing Plant": "We make favorite meat products for humans. Our company produces the highest quality and tasty meat products without using the technologies that could be harmful to human health."

Great attention is paid to product policy. The range of products is extremely wide, efforts are taken to diversify and renew it. Developing new products we are focused on meeting nutritional and culinary needs of our customers. Environmentally friendly mass consumption products and healthy food production are worth to be mentioned as our major advantages.

At present the plant offers more than 200 sausage products: cooked, smoked and cooked, semi-smoked, uncooked smoked sausages, wieners, sausage links, pork and beef cuts. It offers more than 150 types of semi-finished food: cutlets, Russian ravioli, minced meat, fresh sausages, shish-kebabs, etc.

Brest Meat Packing Plant can be really proud of such products as Meat pads, Square-Shaped Russian Ravioli, which have no analogues in Belarus, baked pork, produced without preservatives and colorants.

The latest novelty of the plant is Varvara’s Dumplings with quark or with potato and onion. Homely taste of the dumplings won’t leave you cold.

High-quality raw products, modern equipment, use of seasonings and spices, keeping traditions – these are the formula for success of JSC Brest Meat Packing Plant – the largest supplier of sausage products and semi-finished meat to the stores of our country.

Butchering pork and beef carcasses in the boning shop

Preparation of sausages for heat treatment

Massing of smoked meat in brine

Pelmeni line

Meat pads ready for packing