Brest Meat Packing Plant has been operating since November 19, 1939 (according to the data provided by “Finance Department of Temporary Administration of Brest-Litovsk” and printed in the journal “Staff Institutions and Plants Records of 1939-1940”). In those days the plant was located in Yagellonskaya Street (now known as Moskovskaya Street). A.A. Girshin was the first director of the plant. The main activity of the plant at that time was meat processing, sausage production and marketing.

Since July 1946 till 1948 Rudkov Vasiliy Vasilievich, born in Sizran, was in control of the enterprise. In 1946 the plant had 74 employees, it processed 95,7 tons of sausage and produced 1161 tons of meat.

Since 1949, when the plant was governed by Gyrko A.D., the reconstruction of the building was carried out and Brest freezer No2 was installed. Boiler House, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning were installed as well.

In 1951 the director of the plant was Slavikovskiy Boleslav Andreevich. The number of employees at that time was equal to 235. Meat and sausage were mainly purchased by the military.

The plant’s major upgrade and expansion began in 1953 to have been completed in 1959. Through the tough time the enterprise was governed by Kiselev Oleg Ivanovich, Vinokurov Victor Ivanovich, Yanko Andrei Andreevich.

In 1982 the plant had 1002 employees. From 1998 to 2003 the enterprise was operating under Hariv Bogdan Vasilievich control, from August 2003 to March 2007 the head of the enterprise was Byhovetskiy Yakov Adamovich.

In December 2006 JSC Brest Meat Packing Plant received the prestigious State Award for Quality Achievement from the Government of the Republic of Belarus. High quality of the manufactured products has been proved and acknowledged many times during the year.

Since March 2007 the enterprise has been governed by Bychovetskiy Pavel Yakovlevich, a young, energetic leader, with an eye toward the future. Today, Brest Meat Packing Plant is the leader of meat industry in the Republic of Belarus. Two advanced automated production lines were implemented in 2013 and 2014 to facilitate the processing of livestock. Recently modernized liver department has doubled or even tripled its by-products production. Logistics base is being developed, new motor trucks are being bought, and warehouses are being upgraded. The construction of the automated warehouse will soon be completed; this will ensure rapid delivery of quality products to final-consumers.

We manufacture an extremely diverse range of products. Our product range is constantly enlarged and renewed. Each new product is created to meet our customers’ nutritional and culinary needs. A competitive advantage of our innovative mass production line is environmentally friendly products.

Our products are widely known in Belarus and Russia. Sales geography covers the territories from Brest to Vladivostok. And it’s well-deserved! There are more than 300 products in the product portfolio and more than 3 000 tons of the products are manufactured monthly.

Brest Meat Packing Plant can be really proud of such products as Meat pads, Square-Shaped Russian Ravioli, which have no analogues in Belarus, baked pork, produced without preservatives and colorants.

In recent years, the enterprise has significantly increased its productivity. Its manufacturing and subsidiary facilities have been modernized and upgraded. This work is still in progress!

Best traditions of the past and the latest technologies of the present are perfectly fused in the produced delicatessen items. Well-equipped in-house production laboratory helps us to achieve superior quality that is well-known to the Belarusians. The plant’s major priorities and values are time-tested taste, quality and advanced technologies.

Tailor-made solutions allow us to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations. As further evidence of Brest Meat Packing Plant commitment to continuous improvement, our efforts at quality have been acknowledged by Brest Executive Committee with the award for achievements in quality.

Our staff of highly educated and experienced specialists given to work has always been and will remain our major concern. Thus, Brest Meat Packing Plant will do its best to produce the world’s best delicatessen meats from the industry’s best team.