To Foreign Partners

JSC Brest Meat Packing Plant has been involved in the meat business for over 70 years. It specializes in meat processing, sausage, meat delicatessen and ready-to-cook food production and marketing.

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Benefits of working with us:

  • Products are made to order; we promptly ship made-to-order products, which allows our clients to receive the freshest foodstuff;
  • Sanitary requirements on food, practiced by the plant, ensure the production of high quality eco-friendly products;
  • We are effective in organizational issues management; we execute documents in the shortest possible time;
  • We use our own transport for delivery, which allows our clients to enjoy additional cost savings;
  • At the very start we help our new clients to make a decision about including our top-selling products in their assortment to contribute to our successful cooperation;
  • We use vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging to increase the shelf life of our products;
  • We offer advertising solutions and provide our customers with banners, street banners, wobblers etc. to help them arrange their retail outlet;
  • We help to organize taste test;
  • Alongside our comprehensive standard range, we also create tailor-made solutions to satisfy our customers.

Send us a message via Contact Form and we’ll get back to you! Contact us by phone 8-10-375-162-27-78-30 (contact person – Sugak Milana Iosifovna) or via e-mail: